Chocolate Rye Cake (wheat-free)

As lots of you know, I’m on a low-salicylate, low-histamine diet. I’m lucky, because I don’t have to cut out food groups altogether, just not each too much of them. I also can’t eat wheat any more, which is gutting, because I love cake, bread and crumpets. God, I love crumpets.

Anyway, I’m learning how to cook without wheat (and I’m not mad keen on buying too much supermarket free-from food…lot of weird chemicals going on there…).

This is my Chocolate Rye Cake, and I love it. Possibly too much.Chocolate Rye Cake


I use a loaf tin, lined with grease-proof paper. I set the oven to about 180 degrees (although hard to tell with ours), and anyone who bakes will recognise a simple rule-of-egg cake. Our eggs are laid by different sized chickens, but four usually comes to around 250g.

4 free-range eggs

250g soft, dark brown sugar

250g rye flour

250g butter or margarine

Splash of full-fat milk

1 tbl sp of Cadbury Drinking Chocolate

Handful of dried fruit


Put it all in an electric mixing bowl and mix thoroughly. If you’re doing it by hand, you’d probably want to cream the sugar and butter, add the flour and chocolate powder and mix, then the eggs (beaten) and milk, a little at a time.

Add dried fruit once mixture mixed. Put in loaf tin. Cook for about forty minutes, but check it after 30.

If you’re on a low-salicylate diet, and your levels are high, omit the chocolate powder and dried fruit. If you’re on a low-histamine diet and your levels are high: bad luck. Go and eat some lettuce.

If you’re gluten intolerant, you probably already know not to eat rye flour. This cake is wheat free, not gluten-free.

Anyway, it’s yummy! Give it a go…


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